Staying In Your Power - Regin Le Faye Psychic Medium

  NEW! - Relationships - Staying In Your Power

A powerful  25-minute meditation created by Regin designed to re-energise your power and strengthen your relationship. Containing empowering affirmations and enriching music, this is extremely beneficial to listen to.  With some inspiring channelled singing by Regin. – Download as mp3

Confidence - I Trust Myself

A delightful 21 minute meditation track created by Regin that works to build your trust and self confidence. With beautiful, inspiring music and powerful affirmations to reinforce your self image . Get your head in the game!  Also featuring some channeled singing by Regin Le Faye - Download or stream your mp3

 Confidence - Follow Your Path

A beautiful and immersive 22-minute meditation track
Everyone has their own journey. It's a life quest that each of us must follow to find happiness, love, and success. To follow your own path it helps greatly to have confidence in what is right for you. Divine energy will naturally keep you on track. Meditating with these powerful affirmations will keep you at the perfect frequency to attract everything you need on your life's journey. Download or stream your mp3

Most popular!
Relationships - Finding Love

A superbly effective 25 minute meditation track created by Regin to enhance your ability to attract love. With empowering affirmations and enriching music this is a must in order to manifest new love . Also featuring channeled singing by Regin Le Faye - Download or stream your mp3

Rachel Kwei


I have seen Regin for psychic readings, spiritual healings and metaphysical teachings.

I always come out of my sessions feeling positive, uplifted and on the right path. She has a beautiful, open energy and importantly, for her work, a true gift. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for better ways to navigate their way through life, in need of a psychic medium or a spiritual healer.