Book your Psychic Spiritual Healing with Regin Le Faye

If there is something in your life that you would like to change, if you have patterns that keep playing out over and over, if you are ready to experience joy instead of pain, then it's time to book your Psychic Healing with me and open your heart and change your life!

Psychic Spiritual Healings can be performed both at my studio in S. Caulfield, Melbourne, or as a combination Phone / Absent Healing.Time to find your answers and begin working on you. -  Regin x

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Spiritual Healing

Releasing trauma, depression, negitivity and anxiety. Creating your new reality and overcoming blocks.

  • Healing by shifting and transforming your energy to a higher frequency
  • Facilitation of your journey to connect your body, heart and mind in order to free your soul
  • Teaching of Law Of Attraction, Metapsyhics, and how to create your desired reality
  • Available in person or as a combination Absent Healing on the phone/Skype

Regular Phone or net


Available in person - limited times at Regin's private studio
in S. Caulfield, Melbourne Australia.


Tracey MacDonald

Train Driver

Regin is a gem. She has helped me no end with getting my life back on track after a major illness. Whether it be an energy healing, which is so relaxing or guidance with situations and processing emotions. 

I’ve found my time with her invaluable. She has even been responsible for connecting me with a new found passion. Story writing. It was always in the back of my mind...way back. But thanks to Regin’s psychic medium gifts, she brought it to the forefront and gave me the information and confidence I needed to act on it. For that I will be forever grateful. Can not recommend her highly enough.

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