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How To Know If You're Psychic
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So many of my clients come to me extremely sensitive and vulnerable. This is one of the very clear signs that your psychic ability is up for grabs. Here are some ways you can tell whether you’re tuned in.

High Intuition

Have you ever known who is calling you before you pick up the phone or who a text is from before you looked at it?

Have you ever thought about someone in the morning and they call or you see them randomly some timevery soon after? 

Have you have had a thought about something and then seen it come to pass? This is high intuition and a massive step towards discovering your psychic gifts.

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Vivid Dreams 

People with psychic abilities tend to have extremely vivid dreams and can remember the details very clearly. 

Have you ever had a dream that completely represented something that then took place very soon after? 

The symbolism in dreams has deep rooted meaning and that usually offers a greater understanding forthe individual's life experience.

You Can Heal 

You may have the ability to heal someone. They could be suffering some form of distress or a physical ailment.

Try laying your hands on someone in this situation, send them your loving energy and focus on them and nothing else. You may see something beneficial happen and it’s a good guide to your psychic abilities.

Déjà Vu

Have you ever gone somewhere for the first time and felt like you’ve been there before?

Have you met someone for the first time and felt like you had known them for lifetimes? These are very clear signs of your connection to past and future lifetimes and your psychic abilities.

Having Visions 

Have you ever had a vision of something happening and then hours or days later it happens? Do you ever feel like you want to advise friends and family of something that you sense is about to happen?

Your active sense of the future is a dead giveaway for your psychic abilities. This is a natural thing, not something you can take a pill to get,or read a book.

To be psychic is to be connected on all levels to all realitiesin all lifetimes on all different dimensions.

Regin Le Faye - Psychic medium

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