I've created this Monthly psychic Spot Reading Subscription especially to support you. It's a 10 minute Spot Reading every month to keep your life on track.
Very busy people love this and also those who feel like they would like a monthly chat for ongoing guidance and support.This is quickly becoming one of my most popular psychic readings.

Why a subscription?
One reason is because a subscription gets you more organised. When you have issues coming up in your life, it works best when you have an ongoing strategy to deal with them.

I use my psychic and mediumship skills to help you with a single question or issue and we drill down through that in those 10 minutes with no distractions. It's amazing how effective 10 minutes can be when used in this way.
With the subscription you will be able to touch base with me as a PRIORITY once or twice a month.
That's right - Your psychic reading 10 minute session becomes a priority in my schedule. I will always fit you in at the absolute earliest time I can. That's my guarantee to you.

It's very easy.
Sign up for a monthly subscription of one or two Spot Readings.
Select 1 or 2 in the little drop down menu when you go to purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew each month. You may of course cancel anytime you like.

Many of my clients describe their first psychic medium reading as an amazing, life changing experience.  
I know it will be for you too.

After you have purchased your subscription contact me using the
Facebook messengeror text/call me on Ph 0405 228 075 and we can schedule your first Spot Reading!

Time to find your answers. - love Regin
Spot Reading Subscription - super value

A 10 minute Spot Reading once or twice a month
to keep you on track!

$39 monthly for 1 or

$77 monthly for 2

  • Priority - you get in as early as possible (within the hour often)
  • Special Focus on one question
  • Available in person or on the phone/Skype
  • Deep insight into your single issue or problem
  • Mediumship Connection to loved ones and guides in the spirit world.
  • Accurate psychic predictions about your future
  • Regin can develop a strategy with you to dramatically improve the way your life works and maximise your happiness
Psychic Reading testimonial

Tracey MacDonald

Train Driver

Regin is a gem. She has helped me no end with getting my life back on track after a major illness. Whether it be an energy healing, which is so relaxing or guidance with situations and processing emotions. 

I’ve found my time with her invaluable. She has even been responsible for connecting me with a new found passion. Story writing. It was always in the back of my mind...way back. But thanks to Regin’s gift, she brought it to the forefront and gave me the information and confidence I needed to act on it. For that I will be forever grateful. Can not recommend her highly enough.

Psychic Reading testimonial

Lisa Marie Stephens

Business Development

Regin thank you ? everything you told me was spot on. I sent the message and got my answers can’t be happier xx you set me on the right path. Love and light to you ????

Psychic reading testimonial

Gail Tate

Arts Centre 

I had an amazing experience with Regin - she ‘gets’ me and the information that came through was profound! 

Regin is helping me move forward in the direction of my dreams through a series of healings and things are changing quickly, with her homework!

It’s all very exciting! Love her and love her work!

After you have purchased your subscription contact Regin using the Facebook messenger or text/call me on Ph 0405 228 075 
and we can schedule your first Spot Reading!

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