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Little Lives Show Season 2 
Psychic Livestream on Facebook and YouTube 3-4 times per week. 

Packed full of interesting spiritual things, Law Of Attraction teaching, free psychic readings, psychic healing, giveaways and prizes. I'm even going to sing from time to time when the mood takes me!  Looking forward to catching up with you! - Regin Le Faye

Free psychic course

Do you ever feel like you might be psychic?

Perhaps you've had an experience that you feel like you've had before but can't figure out why. Perhaps an opportunity has come your way and then later you saw something that you felt was a sign telling you about it.

Many people are psychic and don't really know it. I have created this short video psychic course (it takes under an hour to complete) so you can tell if you have psychic abilities,  the typical signs, what happens to you if you are psychic, what you can do about it, and how you can use your psychic abilities to enhance your life. The best part is it's free!  Get your FREE Psychic Course here

What clients say...

regin le faye testimonial

Alison Honeycomb


So warm and welcoming, truely gifted and empowering. I first met Regin in early 2018 - she's helped heal and open my heart and mind, listen without judgement to centre my self-appreciation. I've cannot recommend Regin enough.

Josh Stevens


I can not recommend Regin anywhere near enough. The last psychic reading I got from Regin she said that she could see me flying in the very near future, and within 2 or 3 weeks I was on a flight back to Victoria for work. Everything that Regin has said about me is 100% absolutely spot on. Her accuracy is absolutely astonishing.

Kristie Coombes-McCool


I've had so much person stuff to get through and come out healthy on top love u heaps and I thank u Regin for the reading u did for me last year in march. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL SOUL WITH LOVE KRISTIE

Psychic Activation Wall

Regin Le Faye's Activation Wall - Facebook Group (free)

What do you really want to achieve in your life? To manifest your future according to the Law Of Attraction you need to focus your thoughts and desires, your life's goals and ambitions. For this I created my free Psychic Activation Wall. Maybe you need to help someone else, a loved one perhaps, improve your health, make money, buy your dream house, anything at all. It's so very powerful and it's free and easy to do. Just go to my free Psychic Activation wall and join here ->

Rae Crawford


I have seen Regin for psychic readings, spiritual healings and metaphysical teachings.

I always come out of my sessions feeling positive, uplifted and on the right path. Regin has a beautiful, open energy and, importantly for her work, a true gift. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for better ways to navigate their way through life, in need of a psychic medium or a spiritual healer.

Psychic reading testimonial

Alisha Kretzschmar


I cannot begin to describe how grateful i am to Regin, not only for her gift but for her amazing support and guidance in a time where it was very needed. Would recommend anyone and everyone to go and see Regin she has truly made me see life in a new light and i cannot wait to see her again for some psychic healing and to just simply be in her warm and bubbly presence!

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Please understand that I do NOT provide a free reading service.

I am a professional psychic medium and would love to talk to you about your needs and advise on the best psychic reading/healing package, how it works and what a reading can do for you.
I do take pride in offering an honourable and accurate paid psychic reading and healing service, lovingly delivered, for anyone who needs it. Love Regin.