I really didn’t expect this to be such a difficult journey but maybe I was a bit naive going into it.

This is the story of my new psychic Happiness cards. I like to call them Happiness Cards Version 2!

This all started 18 months ago at the height of the pandemic.

Although I have sold thousands of them in the original version all around the world I decided manufacturing in small quantities in Australia was just unsustainable and way too expensive.

I got together with my business manager Michael and my graphic designer Terry over many cups of tea and we rolled up our sleeves and got into it. In the process I think we may have driven Terry completely crazy.

It took months of exploring different themes, trying new images and all sorts of extravagant and fancy decorative work chasing perfection in the design of the cards and box.

It’s funny how we spent all that time trying out new ideas only to end up just redeveloping and updating the original design. I think they look amazing now. In spite of being driven crazy by our endless changes I think Terry really out did himself!

I found a wonderful lady named Hanna in southern China who took us patiently through the entire manufacturing process from checking our artwork, the bleed and cut lines, verifying how we wanted the box to look and feel in your hands, getting the manufacturing quantities right and shipping and distribution (through Amazon) etc.

We eventually settled on a beautiful card box with a magnetic clasp. 

Hanna sent me some images the other day of the initial manufacturing run. 

The cards have this beautiful gold edging, it really stands out and gives the cards such a quality vibe.

The finished cards will not land for about 6 weeks yet but these pics are very exciting I think.

There is also a secret sauce (special feature) to all this that I am sure nobody else has ever done with spiritual cards. I'll tell you about that in the next email. It's been a huge hit so far...

Anyway, I’ll let you know when the Happiness Cards finally become available but maybe I should put a special pre-buy offer together. Let me know if you would like to be part of that.

Here’s some pics Hanna sent me below. 

Please leave a comment if you want to take up a pre-sale offer. You likely save about 20%.


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Are you interested in saving 20% by purchasing the new Happiness cards before the shipment arrives?