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Love & Intimacy Cards + 2 Crystals


Beautiful set of Love & Intimacy cards created by Regin Le Fay. Get your love life on track and happening! Also included 2 x awesome crystals to help you along.


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The Love & Intimacy Cards

Regin Le Faye created this very special set of cards for finding love and that special someone, developing and perfecting intimacy.
The cards are a link to Spirit for you to consult and receive answers.

It’s so easy to do. Just shuffle the cards each day, draw one and go to the special address on our website(you will receive that email when you purchase)

You receive a special link with your purchase

to find out all the in-depth knowledge about your Love & Intimacy life.

Also included with your Love & Intimacy cards are 2 x awesome crystals to help

Rhodonite – to release blocked energy and Red Jasper – the stone of passion
psychic crystal rhodonite






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