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  • Are you worried about something?
  • Not sure about your partner? Are they cheating on you?
  • Do you have money worries or can't get ahead?
  • Does your family drive you crazy and you don't know what to do?
  • Do you have questions for spirit but have never had a psychic session?
  • Have you ever wondered if there was a much better life just waiting for you around the corner?

People ask me questions like these all the time.

Did you know that people struggle all the time with complicated issues about their lives?
There are real and powerful answers waiting for you...

This is where talking to spirit can completely change your life.

With psychic readings I have helped thousands of people all over the world achieve a level of understanding and happiness in their lives they never thought would be possible.

People say that their first psychic reading is a life changing experience. 

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Many make it their ongoing passion.

Now, you can have your psychic reading with me over the phone, the internet or in person at my studio in St Kilda on the beach in Melbourne. 

Your choice. It's all amazing either way!
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First - free download of this beautiful 23 minute musical psychic meditation "Follow Your Path" (worth $30) to help you focus on your true path to happiness and joy

Also - you will receive Regin's 3 times weekly Happiness Card Messages from Spirit - essential for success and happiness in your life.

Plus you get Regin's Le Faye's fabulous ebook "Relax With Me" (worth $25) to help you get over the stress of life in these difficult times. Uplifting, powerful, psychic,  life affirming and deeply spiritual. Yours just for signing up❤️

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Janis Manship


I had a reading with Regin Le Faye a few weeks ago at a particularly vulnerable point in my life and she was just amazing. Everything she went through made sense and I have written down to digest as I progress through what i believe will be a great year for success. Also connected with my Dad which was beautiful and heart wrenching as I've just lost him recently. I have booked another psychic reading already xx oh and shes funny and down to earth which was great as I was a bag of nerves xx

Josh Stevens


I can not recommend Regin anywhere near enough. The last psychic reading I got from Regin she said that she could see me flying in the very near future, and within 2 or 3 weeks I was on a flight back to Victoria for work. Everything that Regin has said about me is 100% absolutely spot on. Her accuracy is absolutely astonishing.

Jode Gerbs


I have been working very closely with Regin now for the last few months. I’ve had readings, I’ve had a psychic healing one on one and in her online Healing Circle as well. The spiritual power that Regin Le Faye has from every direction is 200 percent accurate. She has helped me along my mental health journey which I have been suffering for years now and in just a few months of working with Regin and her products that you can purchase also are second to none, but amazing. Her Happiness Pack, her Love and Intimacy Packs are so powerful and very helpful alongside with all her psychic meditation tracksI highly recommend that everyone suffering with mental health issues or anything purchase her products and or have one on ones with her she is very accurate in every aspect and direction in the divine light she shines above us all. I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Regin, she has saved my life. Thank you Regin and can’t wait to continue to work with you. Also guys get onto watching all her shows as well and join in as they are so much fun and she is very generous. God bless Regin.  Jode Gerbs

Rae Crawford


I have seen Regin for psychic readings, spiritual healings and metaphysical teachings.

I always come out of my sessions feeling positive, uplifted and on the right path. Regin has a beautiful, open energy and, importantly for her work, a true gift. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for better ways to navigate their way through life, in need of a psychic medium or a spiritual healer.

Psychic reading testimonial

Alisha Kretzschmar


I cannot begin to describe how grateful i am to Regin, not only for her gift but for her amazing support and guidance in a time where it was very needed. Would recommend anyone and everyone to go and see Regin she has truly made me see life in a new light and i cannot wait to see her again for some psychic healing and to just simply be in her warm and bubbly presence!