Ask Spirit For Guidance

By drawing this card you are needing to seek advice around the situation. It may very well be time for a reading. It’s also time to be meditating to hear what spirit have to say to you. It also represents that you’re possibly not listening to your intuition. 

Be Daring And Decisive

This card means you need to move out of your comfort zone. Be proactive and take reasonable chances. The universe has your back!  Don’t listen to your head because it may be challenging you. Just go for it and make that decision to be a bit wild and creative when it comes to intimacy 

Believe This Can Happen

You are asked to look deeply at your self beliefs and to trust the current situation regardless of your fears. This card means you have the ability to manifest something that you wish. Move forward with confidence. You are in a very positive position even though you may not understand it at the moment. 

Connect With Your Sexuality

At this point in your life you are not yet connected with your sexuality. You have somehow become disconnected with your base Chakra and need to do work around reconnection. Try to work on your thoughts and the belief systems that you may currently have. 

Don't Be Afraid To Touch

Touching and being touched is a beautiful sensation. Sometimes when being intimate we can forget to touch. It is so important to express your passion. Don’t hide that or it might go away. 

If you have drawn this card it means you are afraid to touch or to be touched and you have a fear that needs to be broken. Allow yourself the opportunity to be close to someone and to not forget to be intimate with the touch.

Don't Be Scared, Love Is Always Risky

At this time in your life you are being challenged as to what your belief systems are. To draw this card out it means that you are sitting in a place of fear and not in a place of love. Everything in the universe is love but when you are afraid things can turn out badly. By drawing this card be aware to take a risk regardless of belief systems that want to hold you back.

Don't Let Others Interfere

This is about an important situation around your love life. There are other people at this stage that are making a difference to the outcome of the relationship. Spirit is asking you to be aware that this is happening. Make sure you’re not influenced by what other people say about your relationship or your love interest.

Drop Your Shields Now

This means that you are guarded and possibly scared of this connection. Spirit is asking you to check in on yourself and your emotions around why you have your shields up. You are also being asked to think about how you can let somebody get close and for you to take notice that you’re possibly pushing them away. If you’re asking a question around whether it’s okay to be intimate with them then the answer is yes you are safe to drop your shield and be close to them.


Spirit is asking you to let go and let trust. Holding onto negative beliefs around self or another is very destructive. You may be in a situation at the moment that you need to drop. Forgiveness comes from having a deep understanding of self love and acceptance and knowing that everyone operates from there own perspective of the world. 

Explore Your Fantasies

Spirit is asking you to be more creative with your sexuality. At this time in your relationship you may need to try different things and perhaps look outside the box. Your love life may be getting boring or if you are single you may need to try different ways to attract a lover. Either way spirit is suggesting at this time that you are adventurous and spontaneous. 

Get To Know This Person Much Better Before Being Intimate

Spirit is asking you to take your time with this interest before having a sexual connection. If you are single then you are being asked to spend more time on your own before being in a relationship with anyone. Sometimes it’s more important to be close to somebody on other levels than sexual. Getting to know this person will reap many rewards once you do get to the point of being intimate.

Get Ready To Make Your Move

This card means it’s either time to take action now or very soon. It also means that you’re the one that’s going to have to make the first move. You may be in a situation where you’re waiting for the other person to make the move and with this card it means you’re the one that’s going to have to do it. Get courage together to move forward and to trust.

Have More Sex

You may be holding back or scared to be intimate at this time in your life. Spirit is asking you to take some risks and allow yourself to experience sexual pleasure. By drawing this card it means you’re safe to do this and it means that you will not regret the experience but in fact thoroughly enjoy yourself. If you are single then it’s time for you to get out and meet some new people. It also means you may be meeting a wonderful new sexual partner. 

Let Go Of This Situation

It’s time to surrender and hand everything over to the spirit world with the situation that is bothering you at the moment. By drawing this card you are needing some guidance and help in trusting the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s a matter of letting things go to let them change, mature or completely leave your life.

Look For A Better Sexual Match

By getting this card spirit is showing you that your current partner is not a good sexual match. You may have already experienced a lack of chemistry in the bedroom or have not actually been intimate with your new partner. The universe is showing you this person is not going to be the most compatible bedroom partner for you.

Love Yourself First To Be The Most Attractive

Spirit is asking you to focus on self love at this time in your life. Whether you currently have a partner or not, it’s time now to focus on you. You may be struggling with finding a partner or struggling within a relationship but spirit needs you to focus on your own love to be attractive for someone else. Nurture yourself at this time.  

Make Love Not War

By drawing out this card you are in a very destructive energy rather than in a loving energy. If there is fighting going on with a partner or within yourself you need to change the energy into a loving energy. Sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re in a negative pattern. The universe is asking you to think carefully about how you can change the frequency and the vibration of what is currently happening within yourself or between you and your partner. Focus on beautiful things about each other or about yourself at this time.

Meditate On This Connection

Time to go deep within to clear up what’s going on in your love life. Get the love and intimacy meditation track out and listen twice a day for awhile. Things are not clear for you and spirit wants to help you get clarity through meditation.


At Universe of Spirit, you are being asked to not go ahead. By pulling out the no card you really need to think twice about what it is that you’re currently doing. Spirit wants you to stop moving forward with this situation and reconsider your options. 

Take A Chance With This Love

At this time you are being challenged by belief systems from the past that are holding you back from seeing something very special in front of you. Spirit is asking you that this time you take a risk and allow your heart to open. You possibly already have strong emotions or you are worried because it’s the beginning of feelings that may scare you. Move past your fears and open your heart. It will be worth it.

This Is Going Nowhere

Spirit is telling you that this relationship connection is most likely going to be a dead end. It also means that your energy could be negative and that you need to think about what you’re feeling. It could also be showing you that spirit is trying to guide you on to a new path that could be just around the corner.

This Is Not The Best Time

This card represents timing. You may be trying to work out whether it’s right to do something now.  The universe also wants you to know by drawing this card that you are probably not far away from the right timing. It’s just not right to make your move or to do something important at this time.

This Is Your Moment To Connect

You are in a good place at the moment with your partner or with yourself. You may be currently considering getting close to a person around you. Spirit is telling you that this is the time to connect and that you don’t have to wait. Allow yourself to be intimate with this person at this time. If you are single then it’s a good time to reconnect with self. This will allow another to come and connect with you. 

Time To Be Intimate

Get your booty on! Yes it’s time to relax and enjoy both pleasuring and being pleasured. Spirit is asking that you stop hesitating and enjoy being intimate. This is a time in your life where this opportunity has presented itself for a reason. Take advantage of it. It’s for a reason.


Even though you can’t see the big picture at this stage, trust anyway. Spirit is asking you to let go of your fears and to trust them. Trust comes from your inner knowing. You may be full of resistance but it’s ok. Open your heart anyway and trust.

Turn You Love Inwards, You Need Nurturing

Spirit is asking you to focus on yourself at the moment and not to be worried about a partner. If you are having relationship dramas in your life it’s because you’re not in love with yourself. Your focus at this time in your life needs to be about connecting with self and finding a place inside where you are totally in love and accepting of self.

Wait -Time Will Tell

You need to be patient at this time. Try not to be Impulsive or rush anything. Trust Spirt and see what evolves. Stop trying to make things happen. There is a good reason to just wait and let the universe do its magic. Trust yourself enough to let things unfold more naturally before you make decisions. It will be worth it.

Psychic Activation Wall


Spirit is saying yes, go ahead. You are being asked to move forward with your question and with confidence. Know this is something you may need to take action about or something you need to open up to in your life. You are being encouraged to do it without hesitation. 

Yes, This Person Does Love You

You may have been questioning lately if your partner loves you. Spirit is showing you that this person is deeply in love with you. They may be struggling themselves and not able to show it or there may be something going on in your vibration that makes it hard for you to see or feel their love. Do know however that this person is definitely in love with you.

You Need To Feel Accepted

By drawing out this card Spirit is asking you to look deeply within yourself and find total  unconditional self-love and acceptance. Stop running away from your responsibilities. You need to accept who you are and how you feel about yourself. You may be currently rejecting yourself or another in your relationship. 

You Need To Pleasure Yourself More

The Spirit world is asking you to find ways to experiment satisfying your sexual desires with yourself. It is extremely important that you learn how to pleasure yourself if you would like the experience of someone pleasuring you. Firstly you must know your own body before you can show somebody how it operates. Secondly, to be able to attract a sexual partner you need to feel your own sexual energy.

Your Heart Needs More Attention Than Your Sex

You are neglecting your emotions and your feelings. You are too focused on just being sexual. It’s important for you at this time in your life to focus on connecting with someone that you also love and not just feel driven to them sexually. Your heart Chakra and your Base Chakra are currently disconnected.