Double meditations to feel totally safe

Here’s what to do;

Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down if you prefer. Make sure you are not bothered by pets or anyone one else in your home.

These are optional if you have them. (Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these. They are available in my online store if you would like to use them. Go here 


• Light your polo santo stick and clean your energy

• Light your candle

• Place your amethyst crystal under your pillow or on your lap if you are sitting up.

See a golden bubble of light all around you and read through each element of your invocation (next below)

Read this safety prayer out aloud.

(Pause for a few seconds between each)

  • I now call in the divine light of spirit. 

    Bless and protect my sacred space and the space of all humanity on this earth.

  • I know I am one with all of existence and I know I am safe. I know that I am pure spirit and always will be.

  • Within me I am at piece and tranquil and filled with confidence. I feel protected by spirit on both a physical and emotional level.

  • I summon the innate to activate pure unconditional love to each of my DNA cells of both my physical body and my astral body.

  • I call in the protection from my angels and light beings from all dimensions and now wear the golden safety armour to keep out the unwanted energy and invite in joy and wellbeing.

  • My heart is now filled with eternal love and my life with ethereal abundance.

  • My days and nights are now filled with joy, creativity, perfect health, fun and safety.

  • I am a free spirit and I shall always remember who I am and how blessed I am to be here....

The last thing to do;

Turn on your Feeling Safe Meditation and listen to it closely keeping yourself in the golden bubble of light.

Followup at the other end of your day by listening closely to the Happiness - Feeling Good Meditation.

Regin Le Faye❤ ?

Feeling Safe psychic meditation

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