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Happiness Card meanings

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  1. Change is as good as a holiday  
  2. Blessings are coming to you now
  3. Be Bold
  4. Love is all around
  5. Happiness is something you seek
  6. Health is vital
  7. Let people get close to you
  8. Look for love where you least expect it
  9. Nature will heal you now
  10. You're holding on too tightly
  11. Wisdom can come from knowledge
  12. Watch your mind chatter
  13. Your money now needs attention
  14. Risk taking can be healthy
  15. You're powerful, tap into it
  16. Open your heart, feel the love
  17. Meditation brings answers, get out of your head
  18. It's ok to ask for more, you're not being selfish
  19. Patience is important, show your confidence and wait
  20. Commit random acts of kindness. Give to the universe and you will receive
  21. You are joy, stop trying to find it
  22. Proper rest is critical. Don't compromise on this
  23. Time to focus on relationships. Allow love in
  24. Time to build something solid. Invest with wisdom and foresight
  25. Opportunities are all around you. Open your eyes
  26. An interesting opportunity is brewing in your life. Be open and aware
  27. Friends are a rich resource for love and kindness
  28. Focus on your vibration. Your frequency Is Low
  29. Don't let others chatter endlessly. It's ok for it to be about you too
  30. Drop you fear and lighten your load. Be free and easy
  31. Exercise more, you're worth it
  32. Get more organised, clean up your space
  33. Communication is needed. Who do you need to talk to?
  34. You deserve happiness. Expect it
  35. You are a strong and genuine person. Know that
  36. Your heart needs attention. Meditation is key
  37. Get grounded. You're out of your body
  38. Work on losing bad habits. These can distract you from life
  39. You're delicious. Stop eating crap
  40. You are beautiful. Time to believe it
Happiness Cards

1.Change is as good as a holiday, do something different  

You are more than likely bored in your life at this time. Doing something different can often completely change everything. By getting this card it means you need to make either big or small  changes in your life. This means that the way you’re currently operating is not working for you. Consider a holiday or give yourself some time out from the normal in your world.

Seeing different things in your environment is very powerful to help you stop creating the same story everyday. Find ways to do something different to help you at this time. 

Happiness Cards

2.Blessings are coming to you now, brace yourself

Congratulations, you are now in the middle of a wonderful creation that’s on its way to your front door! There is something quite unexpected that is going to turn up in your life to help you and to give you exactly what you need at this time. Spirit is asking you to be aware of the things around you as blessings can happen in so many wonderful ways. This is the time in your life where you need to be expecting something awesome to happen. Expect the unexpected and be grateful for all the things you already have in your life . It is an important time for you to be present and conscious and very happy. No matter what’s going on for you at this moment, know that you have a wonderful blessing on its way!

Happiness Cards

3.Be bold, time to stand up for yourself

Spirit are asking you to take a chance and believe in yourself enough to stand up for what you truly want. You may be challenged to do something that feels uncomfortable for you. You may need to love and believe in yourself to be able to do this. Look at where you are not feeling confident enough at this time in your life. Also, look around to see where it is that you’re being challenged in your life. By drawing this card it means that you are not currently standing up for something that’s very important. To be bold means to take chances and risks because it will be worth it.

Happiness Cards

4.Love is all around, open your eyes

There is a lot of opportunity in your energy at the moment. You may already be aware of this or it’s about to manifest. The point is I want you to be open ready and excited about it. If you already have someone around you that you’re interested in there is a very good possibility of things working out. If you don’t have anyone around you at the moment then it’s very important to tap into the frequency of love to let things start happening and to let this person in spirit manifest in the physical. It’s also very important that you keep your eyes wide open and expect possibly the unexpected.By drawing this card it means you’re either close to the frequency of love or in the frequency of love so focus on staying there.

Happiness Cards

5.Happiness is something you seek, you must contribute to attract it

You’re currently struggling to find joy in your life and spirit want you to know that you need to take action to attract it. The universe has been trying to tell you this by showing you signs and opportunities. Unless you contribute to attracting your happiness it’s not going to come. This is because you actually need to consciously work on feeling happy in the first place. There is too much going on and it’s making you feel down. At this time, you vibration is too low so it’s necessary for you to meditate and work on raising your frequency to a higher level. My Happiness Pack is a brilliant way to get you to a place of feeling happy to be able to attract it. Meditate every day to this track to bring you joy within so that you can attracted in your world.

Happiness Cards

6.Health is vital look after your body

It’s so easy to become unhealthy. Everything around us is screaming at us to be lazy to eat bad food and just to do nothing. You have got yourself into a bad habit and you need to get out of it. Without being healthy you have nothing. As they say, your body is your temple, and they are right.

Happiness Cards

7.Let people get close to you, stop shutting them out

It’s time to open up your heart space and let people get close. Take notice that you’re shutting people out at the moment. You’re doing this through fear of both rejection and abandonment issues. It’s time to clear and fix these issues that have been bothering you for a long time. This can relate to both partners as well as friends family and work colleagues. Take notice of your behaviour around people and consciously work at allowing yourself to connect with others. You may also be feeling alone or lonely at this time and it’s because you’re shutting people away from your world. When it comes to a intimate partner and be very aware of the discord that’s going on in the relationship and know that it’s coming from you shutting them away. Spirit wants you to know that once you open up your relationship will change and you will be safe.

Happiness Cards

8.Look for love where you least expect it, it is coming your way

There is a new relationship on its way to you and not far away. If you are in a relationship now then your level of connection is going to rise. Spirit want you to know that you need to open your heart at this time to let it in. You may have barriers around your heart and might be scared. It would be a good time now to listen to my meditation track called “ finding love” this meditation will help you to attract what spirit is bringing you. If you’re not in a relationship at the moment, this relationship you’re attracting is very different than what you’re used to. However, if you are currently in a relationship then it’s going to become something different and a lot stronger. 

Happiness Cards

9.Nature will heal you now, find good food and outdoors

At this time in your life you need healing and the universe is asking you to spend time in nature and to be eating wholesome good foods. Try everyday to put your feet on the ground with out shoes. Spend time at your local park and get fully emerged into the ocean if possible. Otherwise lay on the ground or sand with no shoes on and let nature heal your energy.

Happiness Cards

10.You're holding on too tightly. Time to detox

Letting go can be a difficult procedure especially if you’re so used to holding onto everything out of fear or insecurities. It’s time to start letting go even if it’s just slowly. Sometimes letting go whether it’s physical or emotional can be difficult but you are being shown that it is time to start the process. You do need to trust that you will be ok and trust the journey. It doesn’t matter if this is about letting go of a person or letting go of a habit it may be about letting go of a situation that you’ve been holding very tightly. Spirit do need you to start to let go of something that has been possibly toxic and possibly unhealthy for you. Spend some time in your life right now having a look at what are the things that are not serving you and what you may need to let go of.

Happiness Cards

11.Wisdom can come from knowledge, get educated

We are surrounded by fake news and nonsense. It’s easy to become confused about what is real and what is worthless. Be patient when it comes to important matters to make sure you have the real information. The facts don’t lie and they will lead you to wisdom. Spirit is telling you to exercise patience and be clear both with what you are saying and the facts that you are hearing. Take that time and don’t run away on holidays with the first story that comes your way. Life can be misleading and Spirit wants you to approach it with an educated mindset.

Happiness Cards

12.Watch your mind chatter. It's doing damage to your vibration.

Your thoughts right now are very destructive. As you know everything you think you manifest into physical reality so you need to be very conscious at the moment of what it is that’s going on in your head. Spend time meditating and concentrating on bringing yourself back to the zero point. This is how you will be able to overcome a very busy mind. You can’t tell yourself to not think about something you can only focus on something else and the best thing to focus on is the no thing. The zero point. 

Happiness Cards

13.Your money now needs attention. Your focus is essential.

Money matters are important at this time. Be sure to have focus on what you’re bringing into the household and what’s going out. Good money management is essential at this time. If you’re financially struggling it’s because you have not been attracting money. It’s time to do some manifestation work around attraction.

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Happiness Cards

14.Risk taking can be healthy

Drawing this card means that you need to show more sense of adventure. You need to positively LIVE your life . Don’t be a bystander in your own story. Spirit is wanting you to take a chance on things that you might ordinarily let pass you by.

Don’t be reckless but be more aware that if you are willing to risk something you will always get more back for your efforts. Don’t worry, for you this will be really worth it right now.

Happiness Cards

15.You're Powerful, Tap Into It

You are an extremely powerful being but you’re not realising your full potential at this time. Spirit need you to tap more into your higher consciousness. You need to connect with self to bring this power through into the physical realm. By getting this card you are being shown just how powerful you are but also being shown that you are not using it. It’s so important to make some changes. Open yourself up to more love and more light. Find ways to reconnect with spirit and to be more Conscious. This takes effort but once you get used to tapping into more of your power you will love it. By drawing this card spirit is also telling you that there is a reason for you to be tapping into your power now more than ever. There may be an opportunity or a situation that you’re in at the moment that needs you to be more centred and more conscious. 

Happiness Cards

16.Open Your Heart, Feel The Love

You are being asked at this time to take notice of the fact that you’re not allowing yourself to love or to be loved. Spirit want you to allow yourself to both feel love and to express it. There may be someone around you that you’re interested in at the moment and you’re not allowing yourself to open your heart to them. This could also mean that there are people around like family or friends that may be trying to love you and you’re just not letting them in. This also could mean that you are not connecting with your own self love and therefore not allowing anybody else to get close. It would be a good time to do some meditations and to allow spirit to talk to you and show you that it’s safe to open your heart. A true loving connection can only come from loving ourselves. If you don’t have that connection with yourself then you will struggle to allow anybody to love you, or for you to love another. So the work needs to starts within yourself. 

Happiness Cards

17.Meditation Brings Answers, Get Out Of Your Head

By drawing this card you are clearly ungrounded and living too much in your head. You need to connect more to spirit and meditation is a vital key in doing that. I have created meditation tracks specifically so that you can re-focus your energy raise your frequency and get yourself back to the zero point of creation. Your confusion at the moment is because you are not centred and your mind is not clean. Start meditating straight away and your answers will come. Meditation is the number one essential thing you need to do to connect to spirit to get out of your head. Notice the confusion that’s going on in your world and this will show you the confusion that’s going on in your head. Spirit want you to know that answers are coming and that you will be safe.

Happiness Cards

18.It's Ok To Ask For More. You're Not Being Selfish

You’re forgetting about you. It’s not about being selfish it’s about being self-centred and that’s really different. To be self-centred it means you know that you are the centre of your own universe and that you’re the one that’s creating your reality based on how you feel. It’s important for you to ask for what you need. This is why spirit tell you to ask and you shall receive.This is the time to reach out and ask others for things that might be important to you at this time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help it’s okay.

Happiness Cards

19.Patience Is Important, Show Your Confidence And Wait

Sometimes it’s very difficult to wait and be still. If you are struggling right now with something where you just can’t seem to be patient, then that’s the exact reason why spirit has created this for you. Trust at this time that having things happen to fast is possibly going to ruin the end result. Sometimes things just need spirit time not physical time. While you are waiting be still in confident knowing all things will turn out exactly how they’re supposed to. It does take a strong person to trust spirit timing rather than our own. However there is an extreme learning and being able to hand things over and wait confidently.

Happiness Cards

20.Commit Random Acts Of Kindness. Give To The Universe And You Will Receive 

It’s important for you at this time to do things that possibly you may not normally do. Be kind to others that maybe you’ve not been aware of. Sometimes we don’t realise that the littlest thing we can do for another can completely change our own reality. The act of giving shows that we have more than enough and so the universe will then respond by giving you something back. It’s all part of the law of attraction. At this time you are asked to share the love and to share physical energy with others. You will receive great rewards for this act.

Happiness Cards

21.You Are Joy, Stop trying To Find It

Your natural state of being is joy and the essence of who you are is spirit. You can’t try to find a spirit or joy - it's just who you are. You have been looking for something that is already you. The problem Is that you are not matching with that frequency. Once you are still in present you will find that you will tap into your natural state of being. Relax and let it happen.

Happiness Cards

22.Proper Rest Is Critical. Don't Compromise On This

Sleep is a essential part of your well-being. Without getting the proper rest you will struggle to stay out of the illusions of the physical reality. You are not resting enough at this time in your life and spirit is asking you to give yourself the time you need to rest and recover. This is the reason why things are feeling tough at the moment and can easily be changed by resting.

Happiness Cards

23.Time To Focus On Relationships. Allow Love In

There is a relationship brewing around you. If you are already in a relationship then you need to focus on this. You have been cutting love off or closing down and not wanting to feel. It’s time to open up and let love in. Spirit is showing you that you will be safe with someone that is around you and that you need to take the risk and allow love to come close. You will be safe. You may be feeling scared at the moment or unsure. That’s okay as the universe has your back and is encouraging you to open your heart.

Happiness Cards

24.Time To Build Something Solid. Invest With Wisdom And Foresight

By drawing this card spirit is asking you to invest at this time. It may be investing in a financial opportunity but maybe just investing in an idea that’s been brewing or something that you’ve really been wanting to manifest. Whatever it is, it’s important and it needs focus. Spirit also need you to get advice and be wise about your moves. But there are moves to be made at this time and you will be safe in making them. This card doesn’t just represent money it represents emotion. You may have been putting a lot of effort into somebody that you like. Spirit is saying that it is okay to invest this energy in this person and keep going. Emotionally the card also means that you need to be wise about things and perhaps a reading would be a good move at this time just to be sure of what you’re doing.

Happiness Cards

25.Opportunities Are All Around. Open Your Eyes

The universe is constantly offering opportunities to align with everything that you desire. If your spiritual Eye is not opened to see the messages or to hear your intuition you will keep missing out. Spirit is trying to show you something at this time that they need you to be aware of. Spirit is constantly helping you and  showing you things but at the moment it’s very important that you be still and listen to your intuition. By getting this card it means there are wonderful things ahead so stop, meditate and focus on a high frequency so that you can match in with what it is that spirit has for you.

Happiness Cards

26.An Interesting Opportunity Is Brewing In You Life. Be Open And Aware

There is going to be a very different kind of opportunity opening up to you very soon. Spirit need you to be aware of this and keep your eyes open. This opportunity could bring many things including change. Take notice of anything different that may pop up and be aware of the things around you. This opportunity could be about career, love, friends, family ect. Be open so that spirit can show you and make it obvious for you. Try at this time also to be calm and to meditate so that you can allow the opportunities to easily manifest. 

It’s time to be patient and trust because something really awesome is coming. You may be feeling frustrated or anxious at the moment about life not improving. Spirit want you to know that something wonderful is on its way, an opportunity. It  You need to be aware of the things going on around you and ready with your heart open for this opportunity to manifest. We actually always have opportunities come to us but they will pass us by if we are not aligned to the same frequency to attract it. This opportunity will be obvious - so be open to receive it.

Happiness Cards

27.Friends Are A Rich Source For Love And Kindness

Friends are extremely important in our lives and we need to cherish them. You are currently not being the companion to your friends that they need. Reach out at this time to ones that you love around you. There is somebody that needs you. You need to be close and attentive to your friends at this time. Be aware of how you’re behaving and how you can appear distant with the people that love you - so make an effort.

Happiness Cards

28.Focus On Your Vibration. Your Frequency Is Low

If you’re wondering why things may be tough at the moment, it’s because you have a low frequency which means you’re attracting things that you really don’t want. It’s time to focus within and change your frequency. There are many many ways to raise your frequency to attract better things. The most powerful thing you could do right now is to meditate every day and connect with spirit. My happiness pack would be a fabulous way to raise your frequency every day or even just one of my single meditations. Once you start feeling better everything will start changing. This is not a hope but I guarantee.

Happiness Cards

29.Don't Let Others Chatter Endlessly. It's Ok For It To Be About You Too

You need to stand up for yourself and allow people to hear what you have to say. There are others around you at the moment that are not thinking about you and thinking more about themselves. This is what you attract into your life at this time as you don’t feel worthy enough to have a say. Take notice of how you’re acting and how or what it is that you’re saying. Be confident and speak your mind.

Happiness Cards

30.Drop Your Fear And Lighten Your Load. Be Free And Easy

Your fears are currently overtaking the light. Opening yourself up to divine consciousness is the way out of your current mess. This is all about freeing your mind from the illusions. You must allow yourself at this time to be close to spirit and to trust a lot more than you are. Holding on to pain is very tiring.

Happiness Cards

31.Exercise More. You're Worth It

Your body is the manifestation of your emotions and is an extremely important part of you being able to physically exist. You are currently neglecting your body. It’s time to move and free your body of anxieties and tension. Your self-esteem plays a very big part in this also. Take notice of what’s going on in your life around your self worth and self love. You need to work more on how you feel about you at this time in your life. 

You may be putting yourself down or allowing others to put you down. You have not been giving yourself the time to properly love and nurture yourself! You are effectively self sabotaging.
Please think about what your routine is and how you can manage to find time to exercise every day or at least four times a week. Never forget that you are mind body and spirit. Find something easy to do like walking or going out dancing. You don’t have to be at the gym or be training for the Olympics but you do need to do something that moves your body every day.

Happiness Cards

32.Get More Organised. Clean Up Your Space 

Being organised means being productive and the space you live or work in represents a lot about how successful you are. A clean house is a clean mind and a clean mind is a clear emotion. Organisational skills are definitely connected to success and happiness. You are being asked at this time to look around to see how you could become better organised and how you can clean up your clutter. Start with one room at a time. You will find that if you focus on just one room in the house and make it look magnificent, you will then be naturally seduced into wanting to clean up all the other rooms. This isn’t about becoming obsessive but it is about understanding that your surroundings will change your ability to manifest success.

Happiness Cards

33.Communication Is Needed. Who Do You Need To Talk To?

You currently need to speak to someone that is very important around you. You are holding back and creating a problem for yourself and for others. Allow yourself to move forward and to communicate this might be about yourself or about others. This might be about standing up for yourself or asking for something that you want but spirit is showing you that right now it’s very necessary.

Happiness Cards

34.You Deserve Happiness. Expect It

Stop expecting misery because your currently keep attracting it! There is a need for you at this time in your life to start expecting happiness to come. Do you have the ability to attract happiness just like you have the ability to attract misery. By getting this card you are being told by spirit that you are in the wrong frame of mind at the moment. There is also a problem with your belief system around what you feel you deserve. Please take notice of what your thoughts are at this time as they are currently quite negative and you’re not expecting anything but more negativity. We attract what we believe we deserve. You are also being shown by getting this card that you have happiness coming all you need to do is know you deserve it and expect it and it will be there.

Happiness Cards

35.You Are A Strong And Genuine Person. Know That

There is a part of you that’s currently struggling around self-esteem and consciousness. There are influences around you that are making you feel less powerful. This may be people or this maybe past habits or belief systems. But you need to know how strong you are and how honest you are and how beautiful you are at this time. take some time to have a look at what your belief systems are and where they’re coming from. Know that you are an extremely powerful soul and pure divine white light. Indeed Your head may be telling you something else but this is not the truth. You are currently struggling to except your strength so work on it.  

Happiness Cards

36.Your heart Needs Attention. Meditaion is key

You are denying your emotions at the moment and you need to look at your issues and face them. You will be able to do this through meditation. Spirit are here to help you as it’s necessary to sit still and listen to your heart at this time. By picking this card you may be avoiding something or not dealing with something important and possibly keeping yourself very busy so you don’t have to look at it. It’s time to stop avoiding and start to look deeply into your emotions sitting in your heart space. 

Happiness Cards

37.Get grounded. You're Out Of Your Body

You need to spend time in nature meditating. You're ungrounded and therefore struggling. Drink lots of water and eat wholesome food. Spirit is supporting you back to feeling safe. It’s easy to feel ungrounded with so many things going on. Remember that your normal routine helps you to stay connected to spirit. Go back to practising your disciplines daily that keep you grounded and secure spiritually.

Happiness Cards

38.Work On Losing Bad Habits. These Can Distract You From Life

Bad habits can be detrimental to your energy. It’s time for you to focus now and have a look to see what it is that you’re doing that needs to change. Sometimes it’s not that easy to recognise what you’re doing and other times you recognise your bad habits. By getting this card there are some things that you need to look at and change. It may be as simple as your negative thoughts or it may be a physical addiction that you have but there is something strong and important that you need to look at and work through.

Happiness Cards

39.You're Delicious. Stop Eating Crap

You are currently in a negative cycle of self destruction and you’re doing it through food. At this time in your life you really need to take notice of the way you’re treating yourself and notice the reasons why. There is a very strong emotion in your life at the moment that you’re hiding behind with food. It’s time to start changing some habits. I need you to have a look at what the issues are as to why you’re eating badly. It’s not enough to just start eating better, he must see why it is that you’re being so destructive to your body and see why you feel you want to punish yourself. Ask spirit to show you and for things to be clear so that you can heal the emotion.

Happiness Cards

40.You Are Beautiful. Time To Believe It

Your self esteem is being challenged at the moment.  Spirit is asking you to look at your thoughts and what is going on in your mind. You are spending too much time looking around for validation instead of seeing your inner beauty. It’s time to trust the spirit world in your life right now and trust how amazingly beautiful you are both on the inside and the outside. Let spirit guide you and show you how beautiful you are and allow the universe to bring you everything to validate that beauty. Spend time looking into your eyes in the mirror. Repeat to yourself over and over “I love you”. This is a very powerful exercise and it will get you slowly believing in yourself. Spirit also want you to think about all the amazing qualities that you hold. Write out a list of things that you love about yourself and read them everyday. Try to add to this list each time you read it. This will help you build confidence and to change you to a higher frequency. 

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