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Becoming Conscious of Your Unconscious Thoughts
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It’s very interesting the way people want to change but don’t know how to go about it. Real change comes from changing your thought patterns.

You need to become familiar with the thoughts and feelings that are playing havoc in your life. There are so many unconscious thoughts going on in your brain that are creating your reality without you even realising. 

Until you know what those unconscious thoughts are, you won’t be able to change them.

Think about these unconscious thoughts, patterns that you hold that keep manifesting your reality. 

Once you become familiar with these thoughts, you will soon be able to sense a thought even before it comes. 

It’s about literally becoming conscious of what you’re thinking during the day as much as possible.

I want you to make a list of the five thoughts that you believe are not serving you well. 

Do you have thoughts like these?

  • You tend to start the day putting yourself down as if you don’t measure up.

  • You feel bad about your image, or your appearance when you look in the mirror.

  • You think every outfit looks bad because you are so negative about your body.

  • It’s not worth the effort to change, it won’t get better

This is how you think isn’t it? 

These are very destructive thoughts. I want you to recognise them when you have them. Your familiarity with these thoughts will help you fix them.

A powerful way to change these patterns is in a meditation. Close your eyes and rehearse making changes. Visualise yourself in a scenario where these negative thoughts come through and simply make a small positive change that makes you feel good. 

This will create more good feelings as your scenario continues. 

Here’s an example.

Say you are having a negative thought about your body image. Mediate and visualise looking into the mirror and notice your shoes. Now, turn those shoes into the very best pair you have ever owned. 

You know, the shoes that make you feel like a million dollars. This is how it starts. Make a small change and feel good about it. That becomes your first positive thought.

Before you come out of meditation make sure you feel different. In this case you will see yourself happy when you look in the mirror. 

Our brains don’t know the difference between  physically experiencing something or just emotionally experiencing something.

Your brain will simply start changing the neurological links to the new thought pattern whether you physically experienced it or not.

You’ll start feeling like a happy person if your brain feels happy. So get started on your list and start changing your world for the better.

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