Regin Le Faye Psychic Medium

Activation Wall

How does it work?

Activate something. This can be to heal yourself or others, to activate an emotion in your life, to raise the frequency of something you want to manifest. This could be an upcoming situation or something you want to own or make important changes to yourself and for others.

Important - Dont ask a question. Please keep your activation thought very short and simple.

Regin will visit the wall daily to activate the energy of these thoughts on the WALL to a higher frequency to provide healing and manifestation of your desires.

​Please help people activate their desires and wishes by giving them an upvote. This indicates you are thinking of them and adding your energy to assist in their manifestation. This comes back to you many times over. We are here to help each other.

When you give an upvote to someone you are driving activation energy to them. When you help raise the frequency of others you are raising your own. 

  • If you receive 10 upvotes you will earn the badge of Spirit Universe Creator level  1

  • If you receive 30 upvotes you will earn the badge of Spirit Universe Creator level 2

  • If you receive 60 upvotes you will earn the top badge of Spirit Universe Master