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Each day I will post an advocation to the Activation Wall (below) with the names of everyone who shared the Facebook post today. Get as many people as you can to do this please. Make our eternal light assist everyone through this worldwide ordeal with the Coronavirus.
Check out the video above - I explain everything in that!

​Here's what you can do

  1. Hit the big black button and share the post at the top of my Facebook page (Spreading The Love)
  2. Post your own thought to the Wall below (see what others have done below)

Here's what I will do

When you share the post that will give me your name to add  to the invocation I post on the Activation Wall here each day. That means you will be part of the healing process. ❤️ Regin 

Please wait for the Activation Wall to load below. It is very busy and may take a few seconds...

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