Law Of Attraction

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Card Meanings

Law Of Attraction card set by Regin Le Faye

1. I Manifest From My Beliefs

Whatever you believe in will turn into a physical creation and it will manifest into your world. Your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions will manifest into your reality.

This works for both negative and positive thoughts.
Whatever your reasons may be for thinking negative thoughts, you must understand that you will be attracting more negative thoughts whether they are wanted or unwanted.

You have probably spent a lot of time and energy trying to work out why the same pattern keeps accruing in your life, no matter what you do, it just keeps happening. This is because a change in your physical reality can only come from a change in the beliefs.

Be very conscious of your thoughts and the emotions that come from these thoughts. Spend quality time working on those belief systems so that you can clear the incorrect ideas that have probably been there for most your life.

Once you have looked very closely at these belief system and cleared your negativity you will then be able to create what you desire.

2. I Can Control My Creations

You control everything that you create from your vibration. By controlling your thoughts you therefore control your vibration which will then create your world.

So if there’s something specific that you want, you will need to take control of your vibration to be able to take control your reality.

This all comes back to how you feel. Spend time asking yourself how it would feel to have that particular thing you are after.

Once you know what that feeling might be, work out how to get more of that feeling into your life.

This is called conscious creation. Only once you understand how to control your emotions will you be able to consciously create your reality. This is how you control your creations.

3. What I Focus On I Get

Focus is everything when it comes to the Universal Law Of Attraction. Most people spend majority of their time focused on exactly the opposite to what they really want.

You must be very particular about what it is that you’re focusing on. Be very specific about the feelings that are being generated from that focus.

You are a powerful creator so remember to you put energy behind what you believe in. Chose your focus carefully and be sure it’s what you want.

If you feel sidetracked or distracted, it’s because you are not present. Use powerful practises like meditation to help you become more present.

Focus does take practise and it is a very important skill to learn.
Have a look at your personal world and your current creations. It will reveal if you have been in a positive or negative focus.

This will help you to see the way you truly manifest whatever you have been focused on.

4. If I Expect To See The Best In People, I Will

Others can often surprise and disappoint us. It largely depends on what you expect to see. If you expect to see problems from others you normally always will.

If you’re expecting to see wonderful things happen with someone then your reality will most likely match that.

Use the power of manifestation to help create the outcome you desire with another person.
This visualisation exercise is powerful. Simply close your eyes and imagine spending beautiful time with them focusing on that desire.

This will help you generate a feeling in your subconscious associated with this person therefore your vibration will start creating a memory of the emotion.

Remember that spirit is just like a mirror. What you expect to see and feel - you will attract to you.
Remember that you can’t change other people, you can only change your own vibration by changing your own emotions.

Once you have done that you will then see that difference being played out in front of you through the Universal Law Of Attraction.

5. My connections to others are meant to feel good

The connection you have to other people shows you the level of connection you have with your higher self, spirit.

If there is discord between you and another it’s because there is a discord between you and spirit. This means the spirit you and the physical you are not aligned. Relationships in your life are meant to feel good and bring you happiness.

So if they’re not making you feel good, why not?
Work on your own vibration, this one thing will greatly improve your relationships.

Look at the specific emotions that you are feeling with this person as they are the emotions you are holding within yourself.

For example, is there someone who makes you feel angry in their presence?
This likely means you hold some anger that needs healing.

Once you have worked on your anger issues, and these may be long held, you will find your connection to this person will be new, fresh and bring you joy.

6. My Experience Of Life Is Meant To Feel Great

You are here to create emotional experiences. Sometime they are wonderful experiences and sometimes they are clearly not but all of them are extremely important.

The key is to learn to find your way back to better feeling experiences and always remembering that life really is meant to feel great.

Our bad experiences are there to help us to understand more about ourselves and become more conscious. This happens though awareness.

Becoming aware of your own emotions and leaning to shift them into a better feeling place. It only takes small steps and small shifts of awareness to raise your vibration enough and manifest better experiences. The Universal Law Of Attraction will do the rest.

This also takes trust and trust comes from understanding that spirit always has your back. No matter how many times you may fall, spirit will always pick you up and give you another opportunity to have a better experience next time.

7. Remind Yourself That Your Very Essence Is Joy And Bliss

The essence of who you are is divine unconditional love- spirit. This is felt through the experience of joy and bliss and when you are in this state you are fully connected to spirit, fully conscious.

All other emotions are different levels of consciousness. Whenever you feel anything less than fabulous, know that something is misaligned within you and that you will only really feel the true essence of yourself when you are feeling amazing.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel far away from your true essence.This is simply a time to work harder at connecting to spirit. Also a time to trust spirit more and to understand that the universal law of attraction has no judgement about what you should, or shouldn’t feel.

It will simply give you more of whatever level of consciousness you are at in any given moment.

So the moment you do start feeling better, spirit will be naturally there to bring you more fabulous feelings.

8. My connection to my highest joy is everything

There is nothing more important than your connection to spirit. Your connection to spirit is the place where you will feel alive, invigorated, excited about life and all it has to offer.

Joy is your eternal emotion and the essence of who you are. This joy is the connection to spirit.

We know logically that we want to be in this space of joy but often don’t understand emotionally how to get there. The problem is, you can’t get to joy when you are in the energy of complaining, jealousy, insecurity and anger.

Take notice of how powerful negative emotions drain your energy and take you away from being conscious. Be in control of this and only then can the universe bring joyful things to you.

Once you connect with your joy you will start learning how wonderful this feeling of being with spirit is and it will become easier to get there.

9. Your Negative Thoughts Are Attracting Unwanted Creations

Each negative thought takes you further and further away from all the things you desire.

This will become very obvious from the evidence around you and the things you have manifested.

Your goal is to continue to feel good regardless of what your current manifestations are and the conditions around you. It’s called unconditional love.

When you are able to keep yourself aligned to your joy and bliss regardless of the circumstances and the negative feelings - you are experiencing unconditional love.

It’s very challenging to hold the space of unconditional love when you are having a difficult emotional experience.

This is always a time of growth. The more you keep connecting to spirit, the more unconditional love you experience.

10. I Am Constantly Expanding From My Experiences

There is never a time when you will stop your expansion of self. Every one of your experiences has first come from the expansion of your non-physical energy - emotions, thoughts - your inner self.

Then you will be able to see it in the physical.. the manifestation of that energy in the physical realm.
As long as you are working on changing and raising the frequency of your non-physical energy you will continue to have better and better experiences in the physical realm.

This all happens through growth. What we are actually doing is creating all the opposite things to what we want so that we can see our own growth.

This is not something that we are doing consciously, it’s what spirit is doing.
Another way to understand this is that we naturally learn about what we want by experiencing the opposite. This is how we expand.

These experiences can definitely be extremely challenging at times but this is what we all need to be able to expand on a soul level.

Try to look at your experiences differently and in a way of extremely important growth.

Also remember that growth never stops and you will soon be open and ready for even more exciting and important opportunities for growth.

11. My Life Is About My Relationship To Other Things

Your life is all about the relationship between you and something else. This is because we live in the world of relativity where things only make sense relative to something else .

For example, we don’t know what up means unless we experience down, and we don’t know what in means unless we’ve experienced out. We cannot understand how it is to feel fabulous unless you have experienced the opposite to it.

So your journey through life will naturally teach you how to create more joy and bliss by experiencing the opposite. If you look closely at your life, you will recognise many times where you have had the experience of being very down that has led you to a place of more understanding and self awareness.

Spirit is always there to guide you and help you to learn more about yourself by creating experiences around you. Try to see things differently the next time you are in a difficult situation.

Also intimate relationships are often the ones that teaches us the most as they can be very difficult. We open our heart in our intimate relationships and are the most vulnerable which will give possibilities of very strong growth.

12. Feel your way into better relationships

You can’t leave a relationship that’s unwanted and move into a wanted relationship if your
holding the same frequency. To move into a beautiful relationship you will need to feel the frequency of a beautiful relationship.

To do this you must look at the difference between your current emotions, and the emotions that you would like to feel. This will show you how big the gap is between your joy and bliss and your fears.

This emotional work must be done before going into a new relationship or it will end up looking the same. So creating new feelings is the key and we feel different emotions about different things.

Really look at the emotions you hold about yourself when it comes to relationships. Notice the places that needs change and the emotions that are currently present.

There will most likely be many that don’t serve you. Write a list of the ones that are good for you and the ones that are not wanted. This will help you to become aware of what needs to be changed in order to attract a different relationship.

13. It’s Very Possible To Attract The Relationship I Desire

The emotions that you project all day long will determine the type of relationship you will end up in. To attract a relationship you desire, you will need to think those thoughts and feel those emotions.

So, only focus on those emotions. The universe guarantees through Law Of Attraction that by projecting these focused emotions you will succeed.

Most people feel that finding a beautiful relationship is either impossible or way to hard and don’t believe it will come. This belief is the only thing standing between where they are at and where they want it be.

Spirit is simply the mirror and it takes trust in Law Of Attraction. Your ability to have a beautiful relationship is just as possible as your ability to believe you can. Believe it and spirit will bring it.

14. Your Thoughts Are Connecting You To Your Reality

You need to expand your inner being to connect in with your desired reality. Your inner being is the connection to all of the things that you desire.

Your vibrational reality is what creates your reality in the physical. In other words, your non-physical energy, which is your inner being creates and manifests your physical energy, which is the outer world.

Thoughts and your emotions are your vibrational reality. The way you turn vibrational reality into physical reality is to connect them. In other words, you must work on the non-physical part of you so that it will manifest into the physical realm.

Remember your thoughts come from your belief systems. The first place you must understand, is what you are believing about yourself, because those beliefs will create the thought that will create your reality.

15. You Are Both Your Physical And Nonphysical Vibration

The law of attraction is listening to your non-physical vibration as well as your physical vibration. The Universal Law of Attraction is interested in what you’re feeling and also what you have already become.

This Law is never going to let you down and always going to give you exactly what it is you’re feeling and what it is you’re doing. There are three levels to creation.

Level one is thought. This is something we have all spend a lot of time doing. Thinking of all the things you would like to have. Places you would like to see, relationships you would like to be in and this list goes on.

The second level is words. This is where you speck about want you desire. It’s also includes writing about it. Then the most powerful level of creation is action.

Actually taking steps towards your desire is the most powerful stage of creating the reality you want. That might be, actually going out on that date or buying that house or starting that business ect.
We spend most of our times in only the first level of thought. If you trust yourself enough you can move to a level of action. From here the Universal Law Of Attraction will keep helping you to reach your goals!

16. I Am Allowed To Ask For The Relationship I Desire

You have the ability to call in the relationship you want with your emotions. You are entitled to have everything you want in a relationship. Firstly however, you must allow yourself to be in the matching frequency to receive it.

The trick is to first be in the relationship you desire with yourself before you look for connection with another. The universe will never hold you back from anything.

You hold yourself back from listening more to what your your mind has to say rather than listening to spirit. Your mind will always tell you that you can’t have everything that you want. It’s never spirit telling you this.

An extremely helpful exercise is to stop several times a day and take note of the thoughts going around in your head and how those thoughts are making you feel.

Try to work out where it is exactly that your emotions are coming from. See if it is your head or spirit. The difference will be in the feeling. If it feels good, it’s coming from spirit and if it doesn’t it’s coming from your head.

You will then need to work on those thoughts and the belief systems from which they come.
A fabulous relationship will only come in from a fabulous feeling.

Let yourself go to that high frequency place often during the day and know that you deserve to have this feeling and an amazing relationship.

17. Controlling Someone Else Is Impossible So I Will Stop Trying.

The only thing you have ever really got control of is your own emotions. Most people spend a lot of there time trying to control others which never works and always lead you down a very hard Road.

Hoping that others will do this or say that or feel something to help you to feel better will never end happily.

The universal Law Of Attraction works though what you feel, not what someone else feels. All you can do is your best with your own emotions. This will change the reality of everything you experience including your experiences with other people.

This often happens in intimate relationships. At first everything is wonderful because you are only looking for the best in each other. Both of you are so truly grateful for the wonderful person in front of you and all they have to offer.

And of course you are both on your best behaviour. Once everyone starts feeling comfortable enough, they then start trying to control and change each other.

Once you realise that you are the one that is actually in control of what happens in the relationship by controlling your own emotions, you will soon learn to stop trying to control the other.

18. Focusing On Unwanted Things Will Actually Make Them Happen.

This all works in reverse too. When you stop focusing on the things you don’t want you’ll stop bringing them to you. The universe simply responds unconditionally to those emotions that you are projecting.

Once you stop feeling strongly about the things you don’t want and start focusing on the things you do want the universe will naturally bring them to you.

I strongly suggest that you spend some time everyday taking notice of your thoughts. You may be highly surprised at how much of the day you are focused on the things you don’t want in your life.

Think of spirit as a mirror to your emotions. Wanted or unwanted makes no difference because when your looking in the mirror you still see whatever is there. As you become more conscious in your life, you will naturally start focusing on better things.

19. When I Think Of Something, I Attract It

The Law Of Attraction is very powerful because we live in this amazing attraction based universe. Your thoughts literally turn things into matter. As they say ‘Mind over matter’. But you must take notice of negative and positive thoughts as they are equally powerful.

The universe does not care whether it’s a good or bad thought, you will still get everything that you’re thinking. Use this powerful understanding to specifically focus on a particular thing that you may want.

Give spirit time limits as well. Ask spirit to manifest something in a particular time but start with something small. For example, give spirit a week to bring you an extra $10.

Don’t try to make it happen. Let it just happen naturally and however spirit decides to do it . This will help you to believe and understand how the Law Of Attraction works. Once you become good at manifesting, you will be able to manifest anything you truly believe in.

20. The Universal Law Of Attraction Is In Control Of My Creation

The vibration that you hold on the physical realm is the same vibration that you have in the inner realm. You will only have the creation in the physical realm that reflects the creation in the non-physical realm.

So if you want to see changes in your world, you will need to feel the changes first in your non-physical vibration. This comes from working on the relationship between you and spirit.

Developing a deep understanding and connection with spirit will raise your vibration and connect you to higher frequencies of emotions. These new emotions will synchronise you with all of the manifestations you desire in the physical world.

Meditation and other practices like breathing exercises and connecting to nature will help you bring your inner world to a place of stillness. The place from which you can easily hear and feel spirits messages.

21. I Change My Mind And I Create Peace In My World

If it is peace and harmony that you are after in your world, you will need to work on your thoughts to be able to create it.

Your first task is to look for harmony within your energy. That harmony comes from connecting with the spirit world. There is no use in trying to get harmony within your physical realm if you have not first worked on the spiritual aspect.

All you need to do is go step-by-step into a better feeling emotion. You will be able to see the improvement by looking at the physical realm to see if you are in the right emotional state to create harmony.

Think about what life would look like for you if you were in a state of piece. What sort of things you might do or places you may be draw to and the kind of company you would keep.

What sort of hobbies you might have if piece was easy for you?
Focus on developing this new state of mind and watch how peaceful experiences will be draw to you.

22. Leave Your Negative Emotions Behind

Whatever you focus on manifests. You can’t focus on negative emotions and experience a positive reality. Attend to positive things that will take your mind away from that negative energy.

Concentrate throughout the day on what your thoughts are. The more conscious you can become of your thoughts, the more you can create the world you desire and leave your negative emotions behind.

Write a list of all the emotions that you would like to be experiencing on a daily basis. Let this list become an important daily task.Take one of these emotions each day and spend time working out how you can generate that feeling.

It won’t take long before you have started developing that feeling into your vibration and naturally leaving the negative emotions behind.

23. Focus On What You Want

Whatever you focus on, you are attracting. Even if its something that you don’t want but you’re focused on it, you will unfortunately still attract it to you.

Be sure that you’re focusing only on the things that you want in your life. Spirit does not know the difference between wanting something or not wanting something. Spirit will simply give you whatever it is that your feeling about any subject.

Challenge yourself by picking a subject and see what happens when you give it a lot of time, energy and focus. Watch the way the energy around it grows and notice how easily more things, people, opportunities and positive experiences are naturally draw to this subject.

It really is an amazing thing to see the Law Of Attraction at work. It will give you the confidence you need to keep trusting and handing more and more things over to spirit.

24. I Praise The Things I Love

When you are fixed on a subject that you feel good about, stay there for as long as you can. Talk about it to others. Write about it and even meditate on it. Hold that energy and record it in your brain as long as you can.

One of the reasons you want to thoroughly enjoy anything that feels good is because it will definitely help you to manifest more fabulous experiences.

The second reason is so that you train yourself to keep looking for better feeling experiences when you find yourself not feeling so great.

Also remember that we are learning what we do want in our life by seeing the opposite. So it’s ok to dwell on the things you desire just not the things you don’t.

25. Be In Control Of The Things That Feel Uncomfortable

You must learn to let go of the things that
feel uncomfortable in your life. The emotions that hold you in a very negative frequency. This is definitely something most people struggle with.

Your job is to let spirit help you when the uncomfortable emotions come up. The more you practice the art of controlling your emotions the faster uncomfortable things will stop ruining your vibration.

Letting spirit be in control is about finding the joy in everything. Looking at what’s going on and work out why it’s happening in the first place.

There is always a reason. One of the reasons will definitely be that spirit is showing you the opposite of who you truely are. This is so that you can learn about your divine essences.

This happens though the pain and the struggle. That’s why we go though so much in our lives. The key is learning to control your vibration even when times are tuff.

Also to understand that’s these experiences have an important role. If you hold onto the energy of uncomfortable experiences, they will continue to manifest more uncomfortable experiences through Law of attraction. This will hold you back from your growth and explanation of self.

26. My Relationship With Spirit Is The Most Important One

There is nothing more important in your life to achieve than the relationship between the physical you and the non-physical you - Spirit. This is because Spirit is your higher consciousness, and the place where you experience, peace, joy, and bliss.

That is why your inner work is so important. Learning how to connect to spirit will teach you how to connect with all the things you desire. Most people think they need to find a physical relationships to find that piece, joy and bliss.

The truth is, your relationship with Spirit is the one that will help you manifest good physical relationships. Focus on building trust in this relationship with spirit and then you will watch everything else unfold in front of your eyes.

27. Imagine Your Way To A Great Life

Your imagination is extremely powerful when it comes to manifesting the things you want. This is because visualisation brings you a feeling, and it’s this feeling that will manifest in the physical realm.

All the physical and none physical energy will respond to your imagination to bring you your desire. It’s also important to understand that spirit is not interested in the actual visual. They are only interested in the emotions you have from the visual.

If you find yourself not feeling so great when your are visualising something, then you are not on the right track. It’s super important to visualise things that make you feel fabulous because spirit is listening to your feelings.

Also remember to choose different things to imagine as it makes it much more fun.

28. You Are A Part Of The Divine Universal Energy

We are an extension of spirit. This is why we are able to manifest things because we are already connected to everything. It would not be possible for us to manifest our desires if we were not already connected to them.

All our desires are born from universal energy. Once we match with the vibration of that desire we naturally create the psychical outcome of the same universal energy.

We do this by learning about the things we don’t want to expand into the things we do want. This is how we call them in. It happens naturally as we explore all the different opportunities in this relative world.

The more conscious you become the more you will understand this because consciousness is expansion. And you become more conscious through awareness.

29. Things come when I allow them to come

We allow things to come into our life by having no resistance.Your resistance is your negative patterns and they come from your belief systems. Changing your belief systems is the key to zero resistance.

Spirit have everything you desire all lined up for you but we hold things away from us thought this resistance. The trick is to feel your way out of this resistance and into a new vibration.

A vibration that matches with the one you desire.You allow things to come to you by feeling your way there. When things feel bad you are not in the matching frequency of the things you want.

When you feel good you are allowing things to come in that you want. You can’t have things naturally come to you by being out of alignment with that energy. Relax and focus your attention on what you desire to allow them in.

30. Look For The Things You Love In Relationships

Focus on all of the beautiful things that you like about a person. It’s so easy for us to look at the things we don’t like instead of focusing on the things we do like about them.

When we first meet someone we only look for the great things and then as time goes on, we start to look for things that we want to change or fix about another person.

When you focus on things that you don’t like about somebody, you are creating resistance in your own energy.

The universal Law Of Attraction will naturally bring in more things that you won’t like about them. As an example, if a relationship makes you feel angry or disappointed you will start to see more of that from that person.

This is simply energy and the way it work. Spend time working out what kind of emotions you would like to experience in a good relationship. Once you become aligned to those emotions, you will then be able to attract a relationship where you will see a lot more of the things you like.

31. I Have The Ability To Fully Focus Without Distraction

You have the ability to deliberately create your chosen world despite distractions. You do this by becoming conscious of what your thinking about.

We know that your thoughts create your emotions which create your reality. Once you start getting control of your thoughts, you will see that distractions will not have the same effect on your life and you can still create the life you desire.

Seeing things start changing around you will help encourage you to keep trusting and building your ability to keep creating your chosen reality.

The more you practice focusing on your thoughts, the easier it will be to overcome distractions and stay focused on your desires.

Remember you are the creator of your own reality.

32. I Have The Ability To Get Myself To A Happy Place

It is totally up to you to get yourself out of resistance and into a joyful place. This is done by attitude of gratitude. All you need to do is be vigilant about your thoughts and keep them focused on how grateful you are about everything.

Focus the energy on yourself and what makes you happy. Its only about gradual steps to a better feeling place. Don’t be hard on yourself if your not all of a sudden feeling like super man or wonder woman instantly.

Just find anything that makes you feel a little better and then from that place you can find the next thing that feels a little bit better.

As you find that better feeling place spirit will match that emotion with an experience that will help you to feel that little bit better and on it goes.

33. I Connect To Self To Make Decisions

The only time you can truly make good decisions is when you are connected to self and vibrating on that high level of consciousness. This is about being in a high frequency.

In a place where you feel really good. Never make a decision when you are out of alignment with self. In other words, first you must connect to spirit and then you can make decisions.

Always check to see where your emotions are and see if you are in your body, grounded and connected. So the most important thing is not actually about the decision, but about the connection to spirit.

This way you will not only make a clear decision, but the Universal Law Of Attraction will bring you to the right place no matter what you wanted or decided.

34. I Am Meant To Be Happy

You are meant to feel extreme happiness and joy in your life. That is because your divine essence is pure joy and bless. The universe wants you to be happy and your higher self is always working very hard to get you there.

The problem is we hold a lot of resistance in our energy that keep us from our happiness. Take notice of when your mind wanders and leads you to thoughts patterns that lower of your frequency and make you sad.

You have the ability through Law Of Attraction to change this resistance and get yourself to a much better feeling place.

You are meant to be happy in this life and there’s always a way to get to that frequency. Keep working on feelings good and let spirit respond step by step to help train you to that happy place.

35. The Success Of Others Excites Me

Be excited about other people’s successes and learn how to hold that feeling. This is how you will attract success to your own life.

It is very important for you to praise abundance where ever you see it. Instead of feeling jealous understand that you can also be successful . I strongly suggest that you study successful people and learn their way of thinking and feeling.

All successful people have a certain vibration that overtakes their life. They have learnt how they need to feel to be successful.

The Universal Law Of Attraction has continues to help them attract more success. This teaches them more about how to feel successful, and on it goes.

36. Attitude Of Gratitude Melts Away My Resistance

What we focus on naturally grows though the Law Of Attraction. Finding things to be grateful for, no matter how big or small will develop in your life if you focus on them.

Write a daily list of things you are grateful for in your life at this very moment. Focus on the energy of each of the things on that list and find ways to get fully absorbed.

Try talking to others around you about the things on your list that you are grateful for. Spend time really feeling that energy.

This will also help you to spend less time focused on the things you do not have yet manifested in your life.

37. A Belief Is Only A Thought I Keep Thinking

Your beliefs are simply thoughts that you keep thinking about and that you keep creating. The longer you keep thinking about them, the deeper they sit in the subconscious.

This is fantastic if your belief serves you but as long as you keep thinking about the things that you don’t want, you will continue to get them as well. That is the problem most people face.

You must train yourself to start having different beliefs which will then give you different thoughts. This will create a different reality for you, instead of one that you may not desire.

You have the ability to change your thoughts by changing your beliefs. Start thinking about your belief systems and decide what you would like to create into a reality.

38. It’s Not Up To Me To Ask Others To Be Different

You can’t ask another person to be something different than what they are so that it makes you feel better.

People are a creation of your emotions just like anything else in your life. It does seem as though things would be so much better if only they would be different but that is not the way Law Of Attraction Works.

The only thing you can do is become different within yourself and watch them change around you. It will really help if you take notice of the things in a person that you love rather than the things that you despise.

This way you will become a vibrational match to those frequencies and attract them to you.

39. Appreciating What I Have Now Will Change My Future

If you want to make a future situation better, the fastest way to do that is to make your current situation better. Work on the things you can in this very moment rather than stressing about some event that has not even occurred.

Be present in your life and work on being in the now. There is nothing in the universe but now. Time space, reality is an illusion of the physical world. We can’t actually get to tomorrow and yesterday was just a memory.

Take notice of all the wonderful things that you have around you instead of being angry about the things you don’t.

Be grateful and be honest about how you have created them and how amazing you are to have done that.

40. Visualise The Creation You Desire

Spend time visualising your world the way you want it to be. Don’t be afraid to dream big and to fantasise about all the intricate details of those desires. You hold a very powerful energy when you visualise as it is literally creating physical matter.

The key to this is how you feel when you visualise. The visual itself is not what is important. Spirit is only interested in the emotions you get from the vision.

Also keep checking that the vision does not start making you feel resistance. If your not feeling something you would like to have more of in your life, then you have created resistance.

It’s very important for you to focus on these things without resistance. So only visualise wonderful things that bring you a fabulous joyful feeling.

41. Find What You Want By Deciding What You Don’t Want

We live in a world of relativity where we have the opposite in front of us all the time. By discovering more of the things we don’t want, help us to understand more of what we do want.

The universe does this by allowing us to see things that are not aligned with our divine joy and bliss so that we can get closer to the things that are.

It is important to have this diversity for us to expand, grow, learn and become more conscious. It is also the fastest way for you to understand who you are. This will also help you to discover your desires and to understand more about what you truly want in your life.

So be sure to pay gratitude to those things that you have learnt you don’t want.

42. Attracting Money Is The Same As Attracting Anything Else

Many people have very confused belief systems around money. The truth is, your ability to attract money is exactly the same as your ability to attract anything else. It takes the same amount of energy.

It’s all about what you believe. So if you want more money in your life then make sure you look closely at the belief systems you hold around money. See if you have a healthy relationship with it.

Look closely at experiences you may have had in the past. See if they relate a very negative feeling towards money. Things that perhaps your parents have said to you or things your have heard or experienced that left you with a negative idea around wealth.

Once you start changing your idea around money and start giving the subject a good feeling, money will naturally come to you through the Universal Law Of Attraction.

43. Abundance Comes From Feeling Good

Absolutely every manifestation you have ever experienced that has felt amazing has come from you first feeling good. Spirit want us to feel good and allow us too have anything we desire and in abundance.

The problem is that the frequencies you are holding is very different to that which you desire. There is an emotional gap.

Your work is only to find a way to match in with that emotional frequency of feeling good and abundance will be on its way.

Decide that the most important job of the day will be to find that feeling good place and let spirit do the rest!

It’s not about trying to tape into the feeling of money or having lots of thing specifically. Its more about finding a good feeling place no matter what subject you may be thinking about.

44. Learn From Watching Others

One of the most efficient ways to attract something that you desire, is to watch others that are successful. There are many leaders in the world that understand this.

They have understood that watching and studying other successful people will help them to become successful. They have worked out how to get into the same emotional feeling and let the law of attraction do the rest.

The Universe will simply bring you more of whatever you feel including the vibration of success. The same rule applies if you feel jealous or insecure about watching another successful person.

Instead realise how blessed you are to have an example in the world to help show you how to active your own dreams.

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