Join my worldwide daily activated healing!
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This is very important.
These are scary times and people are hurting everywhere.

The world needs our help to heal. Please join me in a daily Activated Healing on my Activation Wall.

Here's what you can do to be involved

Hit the black button below and go to my Facebook page where you will see the top post entitled 'Spreading The Love'- Just share that to your social media. Get as many people here as you can. That's it!

Then, I will add your name to today's Healing invocation on the Wall. Your eternal light will be shining on all during the daily healing. Also please add your own thought to the wall. Every bit helps.

Thank you for being part of this worldwide effort to heal ourselves! ❤️Regin

Activate something. It's free. You can use my psychic activation wall to heal yourself or others, to activate an emotion or a change in your life, to raise the frequency of something you want to manifest. This could be for an upcoming situation or something you want to own or make important changes to yourself and for others.

Worldwide daily activated healing

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