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Australia's most trusted and accurate psychic medium. Do you want accurate answers to your questions?
I KNOW you do...

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You can ask me anything

Is he/she cheating on you? We can get to the bottom of this and find out the truth.

Are you struggling with health issues? Your health is critical and we can engage with spirit to get some understanding of what you should do next.

Are you having money problems? This is a big one and many people want to know how to get ahead and solve their financial issues. I have helped thousands of people achieve success and happiness with their money worries.

Do you have family issues that seem unsolvable? This is a big one for many and we can get some straight answers for you right away.

Above all, you will feel amazing after your reading...answers can do that!

What my clients say


I can not recommend Regin anywhere near enough. The last psychic reading I got from Regin she said that she could see me flying in the very near future, and within 2 or 3 weeks I was on a flight back to Victoria for work. Everything that Regin has said about me is 100% absolutely spot on. Her accuracy is absolutely astonishing.

Josh Stevens 

 / Technician


I cannot begin to describe how grateful i am to Regin, not only for her gift but for her amazing support and guidance in a time where it was very needed. Would recommend anyone and everyone to go and see Regin she has truly made me see life in a new light and i cannot wait to see her again for some psychic healing and to just simply be in her warm and bubbly presence!

Alisha Kretzschmar

/ medical professional


I came to Regin when I was struggling to find my path, I felt lost with my career and also wanted in depth information about my future. To sum it up I have never met someone so accurate in my life, she identified my career path, identified personal things which affected the way I felt and I was able to make changes in my life feeling more satisfied. 
Then I attended a spiritual healing session and it was incredible. I’ve never felt more relaxed. I was so positive the following few days I felt happier inside and out! She is incredible highly recommended!

Chandre Millar

/ Hospitality

Here's what we can do together to get your life back on track

I recommend we first book you in for a psychic reading session. This can be over the phone or at my studio on the beach in St Kilda, Melbourne (if you are in Melb).

We will connect with spirit and get some answers about your life, what is really happening, find the causes of your unhappiness with things and ways to make it right.

So many people find this is the best place to start. Let's work through this together. I can advise and interpret all information we get from spirit. Let's get the answers and create the happiness you deserve. After all, you have worked hard to make a life for yourself, you deserve accurate answers to your questions. I am here to get them for you.

A psychic reading with Regin is a life changing experience