Channelled Message

Stay Grounded

I was swimming in the bay today and all I could hear was spirit almost yelling at me.... stay grounded. Stay grounded 

I need you to understand that it’s very important to ground your manifestations at this moment and to integrate all that’s happening around you. As you are manifesting from non physical energy into physical matter, being ungrounded can cause confusion. 

You may even experience dizziness or vertigo. Being grounded helps you bring the energy through to a solid  manifestation.

You are being asked to literally get yourself onto the ground. 

Walk on the grass with no shoes. Swim in the ocean. Lay on the sand, hug trees. Go mountain climbing. Connect to nature and ground yourself. 

Drinking lots of water and eat some grounding foods like sweet potato,pumpkin and red vegetables. It’s a very important time to manifest but we must be present and in the body to ground these manifestations. 

If you’re struggling at the moment, spend time both meditating and also really connecting to Mother Nature. Try meditating in a park under a tree with the wind gently blowing through the leaves, or on the beach with an extremely attractive person rubbing oil on your back. You choice. 

I often close my eyes and sing while swimming in the ocean. It’s an incredible way to connect with yourself and ground your energy. 

Remember that you are spirit, having a physical experience so we must keep connecting our bodies in the physical world while we create our new reality.