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Most of my clients purchase a healing and at least one of my packs simply because of how powerful these are in changing your life.
A healing is a very important part of your path to change and ideal as a next step after a reading.  

The Happiness Pack

The Happiness Pack

The Regin Le Faye Happiness Pack comes in a beautiful box  containing 14 essential items you need to enhance your personal happiness.  The Happiness Pack is like nothing you've ever tried before. Manifest happiness, joy and bliss into your life right now. ❤️

The Love & Intimacy Pack

Love and Intimacy is the number #1 preoccupation and obsession for most people. You should believe that there is a perfect partner waiting for you but exactly how do you find them?

Psychic healing

Psychic Healing session

A healing goes hand in hand with a reading. It's essential for Releasing trauma, depression, negitivity and anxiety. Creating your new reality and overcoming blocks.