Here's what I recommend you do next!

Most of my clients purchase a healing and at least one of my packs simply because of how powerful these are in changing your life. A healing is a very important part of your path to change and ideal as a next step after a reading.  

I also recommend attending my shows when you can. There's my free Psychic Show every Sunday, The free Healing Circle every Thurday evening, twice daily shows "Little Lives" and also the amazing Activation Wall! There's plenty here to keep you going and I am always available to advise and support you. Last but not least If you want the ultimate in everything join my Psychic Club on Patreon for tons of exclusive content, free readings, training, discounts and more! ❤️ Regin

The Happiness Pack

The Happiness Pack

The Regin Le Faye Happiness Pack comes in a beautiful box  containing 14 essential items you need to enhance your personal happiness.  The Happiness Pack is like nothing you've ever tried before. Manifest happiness, joy and bliss into your life right now. ❤️

The Love & Intimacy Pack

Love and Intimacy is the number #1 preoccupation and obsession for most people. You should believe that there is a perfect partner waiting for you but exactly how do you find them?

Psychic healing

Psychic Healing session

A healing goes hand in hand with a reading. It's essential for Releasing trauma, depression, negitivity and anxiety. Creating your new reality and overcoming blocks. 

Little Lives - livestream daily Facebook+YouTube

Usually on location in Australia twice daily. Live free psychic readings and healings, mediumship, fun activities, games and teachings. Different shows are timed for audiences in USA, Europe and Australia

Regin Le Fayes Healing Circle

The Healing Circle (Thursdays) - Facebook+YouTube

A chance to reset, center yourself and heal in a loving, inclusive, ever growing and welcoming group of people from all over the world. Psychic motivational and meditational music, affirmations, free personal healings, music by Maestro and sometimes singing by Regin! 8pm Aust time (GMT+11)

The Psychic Show (Sundays) - Facebook+YouTube

The hugely popular Psychic Show has garnered rave reviews for it's innovative and fun approach. Lot's of live free psychic readings and healings, mediumship - contacting loved ones who have passed on, Divine Word games and my own card psychic readings, music and tons of fun! Music live by Maestro and even some dancing!  9pm Aust time (GMT+11)

The Activation Wall - Facebook Group (free)

What do you really want to achieve in your life? To manifest your future according to the Law Of Attraction you need to focus your thoughts and desires, your life's goals and ambitions. For this I created my free Psychic Activation Wall. Maybe you need to help someone else, a loved one perhaps, improve your health, make money, buy your dream house, anything at all. It's so very powerful and it's free and easy to do. Just go to my free Psychic Activation wall and join here ->

Psychic Activation Wall

Regin's Psychic Club on Patreon

Now you can have access to all my exclusive content in one place. 

Exclusive show content, special posts, members only discounts

 Law Of Attraction teaching

Weekly Channelled messages
from Spirit 

Silver and Gold memberships available

Get your amazing 3 FREE gifts just for signing up 

First - receive this beautiful 23 minute musical psychic meditation "Follow Your Path" (worth $20) to help you focus on your true path
happiness and joy

Also - you will receive Regin's regular Channelled Messages from Spirit - essential for success and happiness in your life.

Plus you get Regin's fabulous ebook "Relax With Me" (worth $25) to help you get over the stress of life in these difficult times. Uplifting, powerful, life affirming and deeply spiritual.
Yours just for signing up❤️

Regin le Faye psychic free gifts