Win Regin Le Faye Happiness Cards!

Happiness Cards

The Regin Le Faye Happiness Cards can be yours! (worth $59). They are designed by Regin Le Faye to build your confidence and give you

positive direction though regular psychic contact with Spirit.

You will find greater joy and bliss using these everyday!
Check out all about these amazing Happiness cards in the video here

Here's how to win - Simply click the big button and enter your name and email address to be in the draw to win. Then catch Regin's livestream show on Facebook or Youtube and say hi. If your name is drawn let Regin know and you will be the winner!
Remember, if you aren't watching the show at the time of
 the draw your prize will be redrawn.

Testimonial Regin le Faye psychic

Rachel Kwei


I have seen Regin for psychic readings, spiritual healings and metaphysical teachings.

I always come out of my sessions feeling positive, uplifted and on the right path. She has a beautiful, open energy and importantly, for her work, a true gift. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for better ways to navigate their way through life, in need of a psychic medium or a spiritual healer.

psychic reading testimonial

Janis Manship


I had a reading with Regin Le Faye a few weeks ago at a particularly vulnerable point in my life and she was just amazing. Everything she went through made sense and I have written down to digest as I progress through what i believe will be a great year for success. Also connected with my Dad which was beautiful and heart wrenching as I've just lost him recently. I have booked another reading already xx oh and shes funny and down to earth which was great as I was a bag of nerves xx


Julie Ferrara


My experience with Regin has had a profound impact, within a few seconds I felt a sense of trust I knew I was in good hands and that meeting Regin was going to change my life. What I didn’t expect was that I was going to actually learn about how I can grow and evolve. I was given insights that are invaluable about life and how important it is to understand the power of our energy and how you can be a “master of your mind” as Regin puts it. It’s incredible it has given me so much hope and power that I can take control of my destiny and have the ability to change what I attract. I have had a reading and a healing session, I am waiting to receive my happiness pack and I can’t wait. Regin thank you, clearly you are an angel I look forward to continuing my journey with you. I’m so excited! Highly recommend Regin’s services you will never be the same, also very responsive! Enjoy

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