Regin's Higher Thoughts
What is a Psychic Medium?

I've prepared this little video just for you.
 These thoughts will help you understand how it all works
as you go along your journey with me.

Not all psychics are the same. They all have different gifts. 

If you’re seeking advice from a professional intuitive, it can be a little confusing so here is a run down of the main areas.

love, Regin

What my clients say...


I had an amazing experience with Regin - she ‘gets’ me and the information that came through was profound!  Regin is helping me move forward in the direction of my dreams through a series of healings and things are changing quickly, with her homework!

It’s all very exciting! Love her and love the work!

Gail Tate - Senior Supervisor Arts Centre Melbourne 


Regin is an incredibly accurate medium. She constantly amazes me with her accuracy. She has turned my life around. I can't praise her highly enough.

Brian Emmitt - Manager 

Whatever is happening in your life you need to know that

I am always here for you. Love Regin.

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