Here's what my clients say...

Cassie McInness


Kind, energetic, understanding, caring and didn’t judge me! Best of all, totally spot on with stuff! Pretty incredible really. I’m so glad I did this, Regin is amazing and I don’t review stuff all the time - only when I’m quite impressed. Thank you Regin! ?

Alisha  Kretzschmar

Medical Profession

Cannot begin to describe how grateful i am to Regin, not only for her gift but for her amazing support and guidance in a time where it was very needed. Would recommend anyone and everyone to go and see Regin she has truly made me see life in a new light and i cannot wait to see her again for some healing and to just simply be in her warm and bubbly presence! ♥️

Advanced Session

Moderately detailed psychic/mediumship session
with Regin



  • Highly accurate  phone or studio psychic/mediumship 30 minute reading
  • Enough time to ask key questions and discuss answers from Spirit
  • Very effective when budget is tight
  • Detailed predictions and counsel for the future
Total Awareness Hour

Deep and immersive psychic reading with Regin including lots of detail



  • This is really a life changing experience in 1 Hour
  •  All your questions answered
  • Available in person or on the phone/Skype
  • Deep psychic insight into your belief systems and traumas and how you personally need to operate in order to change your frequencies and your life
  • Psychic Medium connection to loved ones and guides in the spirit world
  • Accurate predictions and your future
  • Creation of a healing program for you that will reset your unhealthy patterns in order to manifest your desired future

Alexandra Dukovny

Medical industry 

Hi Regin,  I just want to say thank you so much for the amazing reading you gave me last week. I have to admit I walked out feeling very overwhelmed and a bit confused. Thank goodness I recorded our reading because when I heard it back, my goodness you were so accurate and amazing.

I truly cannot wait to come back for another reading, and a healing and to buy your happiness pack. You have an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it with me and making time for me. You are truly beautiful. My friend Sasha is also just as blown away and we both can’t wait to come back xx

Bon Hayes

Armed Services / Songwriter 

I see Regin regularly. Shes an amazing woman. Good singer, great psychic and beautiful person all round.

Chandre Millar

Hospitality Industry Professional 

I came to Regin when I was struggling to find my path, I felt lost with my career and also wanted in depth information about my future. To sum it up I have never met someone so accurate in my life, she identified my career path, identified personal things which affected the way I felt and I was able to make changes in my life feeling more satisfied.
Then I attended a spiritual healing session and it was incredible. I’ve never felt more relaxed. I was so positive the following few days I felt happier inside and out! She is incredible highly recommended!


I am so sure that you will love my psychic readings that I'm prepared to give your money back if you are not completely happy. If you don't feel satisfied within the first 15mins you may end the session and you will be entitled to an  immediate 50% refund if you ask for it. Your happiness is my happiness.

To activate your guarantee you must request your refund within the first 15 minutes of your session starting to get your 50% refund. No questions asked.

All Readings and Healings by Regin are provided as entertainment and general councelling.  All advice given is channelled from Spirit and not intended to be used as a replacement or instead of other professional advice. 

When you have completed your purchase 
please txt or call

to arrange your appointment time for a reading
in person or on the phone

Call/text - Ph 0405 228 075
or FB Messenger