Happiness Bag with Oracle Cards


I’ve designed this Happiness Bag to be world-class so it brings the most Joy, Happiness and Bliss into your life. The most important thing to know is that Happiness is something YOU create. Don’t wait for it to happen. Be pro-active.  The Happiness Bag contains essential items to focus your energy on creating Happiness and raising your frequency to make that happen.

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Here's what's in the bag : The Happiness Bag with Cards in White velvet with 5cm Sunstone Crystal Sphere with 18 crt Gold Plated Ring stand, White Sage, Cedar and Flowers smudge stick, Polo Santo, Shell, Blessing Doily.

More about this amazing Happiness Bag

Discover the essence of joy and spiritual elevation with the Happiness Bag including Happiness Oracle Cards. Designed by the renowned psychic medium Regin Le Faye, this collection blends ancient wisdom with modern needs to enhance your spiritual journey.

Encased in a luxurious white velvet bag, the hand-picked 5cm Sunstone Crystal Sphere radiates positive energy and joy. Sunstone is an abundance crystal that brings openness, warmth and independence. It will make you feel enthusiastic and alive. Mounted on an 18 carat gold-plated ring stand, it serves as a radiant centerpiece alleviating fearfulness and stress while bring success and happiness.

The white sage smudge stick, intertwined with cedar and flowers, offers potent cleansing properties. Palo santo invites healing and serenity, while a beautiful shell catches ashes and holds your sacred items. A blessing doily adds spiritual grace to your rituals. Each bag comes with a full set of Regin’s extraordinary Happiness Cards created by Regin to find answers and help you create all the joy and bliss you could ever want.

Regin Le Faye’s profound psychic abilities and insights infuse this collection, making the Happiness Bag a conduit to ancient knowledge and universal truths. Using this bag along with Regin’s other themed bags from the collection amplifies your spiritual journey, unlocking greater understanding. Incorporate these beautiful items into your daily rituals to harness the power of ancient traditions and mystical practices and connect with guiding energies.

Trust in Regin Le Faye’s expertise and let this bag be your companion on a joyous, spiritually enriched path. Regin has also created bonus videos on her website to teach you the best rituals and how to get the most out of your Happiness Bag.



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