Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what to do
about a difficult situation?
Do things just come up out of thin air and leave
you stumped without an answer? 

listen now

This is often how life goes isn’t it?

Some people just say shit happens, others want to hide away from the world. There are times however, when you just need to get some instant clarity, an assurance of how things could work out for the best.

It’s funny how sometimes, all you want is the answer to one question...

This brings me to a completely new psychic service I have for you….The amazing Spot Reading!

The Spot Reading gives you 10 minutes with me on the phone. 

10 minutes is actually a perfect amount of time for us to get completely clear on a question you have. Just one question. 

It works very well because we don’t have to consider other things. We just focus what you need to know.  The answer you need to move on.

The Spot Reading is also my priority psychic reading. This means I will fit you in as soon as humanly possible. I know you may need to talk to me urgently and this is why you are now a priority.

This is how it works.

The Spot Reading is available as a subscription.

  • $39 per month for 1 x 10min reading.
  • $77 per month for  2 x 10min readings.

Now you can have regular Spot Readings to keep you on track. 

I will support you and provide priority access to all that Divine Intelligence has to offer - every month.

I know you are going to love this. 

Love, Regin Le Faye, Psychic Medium

What some of my clients say...

I came to Regin when I was struggling to find my path, I felt lost with my career and also wanted in depth information about my future. To sum it up I have never met someone so accurate in my life, she identified my career path, identified personal things which affected the way I felt and I was able to make changes in my life feeling more satisfied. I then attended a spiritual healing session and it was incredible I’ve never felt more relaxed I was so positive the following few days I felt happier inside and out! She is incredible highly recommended!

Chandler Millar - Hospitality Industry Professional

I see Regin regularly. Shes an amazing woman. Good singer, great psychic and beautiful person all round. She has a way of keeping me on track and is so accurate.

Bon Hayes, - Armed Forces, Songwriter

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