Here you can book in for my new SPOT READING.

This is a special priority reading for a single question only.
It's fabulous for an issue that suddenly comes up or a
long term issue that's just nagging away in your mind.

Book yourself in for a quick Spot Reading and you will be
amazed at how effective it really is!

Once you've completed your purchase just text or call the number at the bottom
of the page to schedule your reading.

I give priority to Spot Readings so I will make myself available
to you as soon as humanly possible.

Many describe their first reading as an amazing, life changing experience.  
I know it will be for you too. Time to find your answers. - love Regin


I came to Regin when I was struggling to find my path, I felt lost with my career and also wanted in depth information about my future. To sum it up I have never met someone so accurate in my life, she identified my career path, identified personal things which affected the way I felt and I was able to make changes in my life feeling more satisfied. I then attended a spiritual healing session and it was incredible I’ve never felt more relaxed I was so positive the following few days I felt happier inside and out! She is incredible highly recommended!

Chandler Millar  - Hospitality Industry Professional 


I see Regin regularly. Shes an amazing woman. Good singer, good psychic and beautiful person all round.

Bon Hayes - Armed services / songwriter 




*For just one important question

*You have PRIORITY access

*Available for phone/text/email only

*Speedy insight into your single issue

*Connection to loved ones and

guides in the spirit world

*Very accurate and cost effective


Regin is a gem. She has helped me no end with getting my life back on track after a major illness. Whether it be an energy healing, which is so relaxing. Or guidance with situations and processing emotions. I’ve found my time with her invaluable. She has even responsible for connecting me with a new found passion. Story writing. It was always in the back of my mind...way back. But thanks to Regin’s gift, she brought it to the forefront and gave me the information and confidence I needed to act on it. For that I will be forever grateful. Can not recommend her highly enough.

Tracey MacDonald - Train Driver

When you have completed your purchase please txt

 or call Regin to schedule your reading

Call - Ph 0405 228 075

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